Friday, 10 May 2013

T-Shirt Friday is 10 !

'Owl's About This T-Shirt!
Well here we are in the tenth week of T-Shirt Friday! And there are many, many, t-shirts still to come... Before we go on to this weeks very special Tenth Week Tee, there is the small but important matter of last weeks, T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum!!!! which was: CCR recorded a cover version of 'I Put A Spell On You' but who wrote and recorded it originally? If you thought it was 'Nina Simone', then you were very nearly right as her version famously recorded in 1965 is a very definitive version. You might like to celebrate - if your 'feeling good', with a lemon drizzle doughnut! If you thought it was 'Arthur Brown', then once again your nearly right, as 'The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown's' 1968 version perhaps comes the closest to the original record, you might like to celebrate with a cream finger doughnut! If You thought it was either 'Bryan Ferry's' 1993, or 'Marylin Manson's' 1995 attempts then maybe a Yum Yum? In fact there are so many cover versions that it could have been anyone and doughnuts to match... However it was... 'Screamin' Jay Hawkins' in 1956! If you got it right then really there is no other doughnut to celebrate with other then a jam and custard one! Anyway it's now time for this weeks very special Tenth Week Tee and this one has filoplumes! It's T-Shirt Friday 10...!

Today's T-Shirt is from:

It all began as an editorial illustration job for Harriet Russell, the brief came in and she was asked to illustrate a piece about cycling at night and the safety precautions that should be taken. Harriet, as always, brought the whole piece to life in an imaginative, quirky, meaningful and thought provoking way. (If you haven't seen Harriet's work before then you have been missing out, you really must give it a look, there are links at the bottom of this post and you can see the original editorial piece for 'The Big Issue' too.) Although at the time she hadn't realised, It was in fact an editorial 'egg' that Harriet had been sitting on. It was only after a little incubation time, that it became apparent that like other eggs this editorial one might grow into a whole new creative idea...
With a flourescent banner and bike wheels for eyes 'Bike Owl' illustrates perfectly what cycling safely is all about and what could be more perfect then an Owl to promote it all. Harriet had created a whole new little character that was destined to fly away from the printed page and evolve into something new. It settled itself down in a nest of 100% organic cotton and so was born the 'Bike Owl' T-Shirt! Beautifully illustrated and designed by Harriet, initially for The Poundshop: Bike Owl has been very popular with both Children and Adults alike. It has really caught on with Cyclists too - our great friends Paul and Jenny both have one. It would make for a really good t-shirt to sell in cycle shops or on bike websites as it promotes safety in a fun way - although the tee is slightly modified from the original illustration, the under lying message is still very much in there. 
The Owl hasn't stopped there though... Harriet then decided to design tote bags, which can also be found within her shop. Bike Owl has transcended the editorial page and become something quite special with in her amazing portfolio of work.

Nearly two years ago now Harriet presented me with a small folded up white bundle, I checked to see if it wasn't a napkin, tea towel or a kitchen apron! But to my amazement it was none of those. It was my very own bike owl t-shirt! A lovely gift from Harriet and a fantastic surprise! I was very proud to add the little chap to my tee collection. Unfortunatley being on the slightly rotund side of the chocolate coin, I haven't been able to put it on as much as I would like, but it's a tee that helps with goals and aims, it's given me reason to loose some weight and enjoy wearing it even more for doing so!

As you'll see from looking at Harriet's work, her mind and imagination are boundless, I've seen her pluck the most incredible ideas out of what seems like thin air, of course it's not really thin air at all, it all comes out of her amazing brain, she is then able to take what she can imagine and put it down on the page in the most beautiful, skilled, illustrative way, that just enhances everything that she wants to communicate to the world.

Spread the 'Twit-A-Wooooooooo' of the Bike Owl!

Well it's that time again... It's the tenth T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum, which this week is:
Harriet Russell also illustrated and designed a poster for the 'Grafici Mobili Poster Exhibition'
her poster was based on the 'Ball Clock' but who designed the clock back in 1948?

More on Harriet Russell? -  have a look at her website:
Harriet also has a fantastic blog: