Friday, 24 May 2013

It's T-Shirt Friday 12 !

..."Lost And Found, You Still Remain there"
So last weeks T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum was: What is Fat Face's company motto? The answer is: 'Life Is Out There' and it's true! A suggestion might be to watch 'The Sky At Night', 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' or 'E.T.' for reassurance, or you could simply set up a telescope and check out Mars... Better still (as it's Friday and the weekend is coming) get out there and celebrate! Maybe with a nice 'fat' ice cream and if your in the mood a nice 'fat' chocolate flake too... Although you might like to have a read of this weeks T-Shirt Friday first before doing any of that...

Today's T-Shirt was originally from a company called Chaser but sadly the company doesn't seem to be around any more. You can get the tee from here though:
and Chaser seem to distribute through them still.

Sometimes everything all happens at once... am sure you have been there too? In this case though it was all good... Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd, sometime ago now, brought out a documentary on The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson called 'Endless Harmony' it was designed by my great colleague, Creative Director Nikkie Amouyal. The documentary found itself in the DVD player 'endlessly' and what became apparent and what I hadn't really taken into account before, was just how influential Brian Wilson was and still is...
The normal music chats that my great friend Dave and myself have tend to cover a wide spectrum of bands, musicians, albums and other music related subjects all in one go. In 2010 we were out one night as usual at our local haunt 'The Royal Forest' in North Chingford when quite by chance Dave mentioned Brian Wilson, we chatted for quite a while, long into the night about our mutual interest in him and The Beach Boys. Dave told me of a book he had been reading, of which I later found a copy at the Book Warehouse in Waterloo, below where I was on a two day InDesign training course. The book is 'Wouldn't It Be Nice: My Own Story - Brain Wilson with Todd Gold' Both Dave and me believe that it's difficult to say if the book really does represent Brian's 'real' own story, but it is a very good and interesting read. Along with all of this happening Brian Wilson announced a new album and tour dates for the following year. We straight away booked up tickets and to our surprise suddenly realised that everyone is a closet Brian Wilson fan! We had nearly a year to wait from when we had booked and I began to think that it would be nice to have a t-shirt to wear for the very special occasion. We had missed the Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary gig's but the superb t-shirts (although limited) were still available in the US. I put the order in around 6 months before the gig and it has to be said for about three months forgot all about it... nothing arrived... (The gig was September 2011 it was now July 2011) Chaser were brilliant, a great company to deal with, they did everything they could, but because the tee was coming from the US, it had got caught up at customs and that was the hold up... finally the day was upon us... Brain Wilson at The Royal Festival Hall Saturday 17th September 2011! Unfortunately though the T-Shirt was not upon us! It was still mislaid somewhere between Compton CA USA and London UK. Brian Wilson didn't mislay anything though, his voice was in fine form and the first half consisted of his very fine re-imagining of Gershwin from the album of the same name. As for the second half... well he rocked our socks off and blasted us with sound rays of sunshine, surf and good vibrations! There were so many of us that we took up a whole aisle of seats and we partied with Brian and his band all night! Such great memories that will never be forgotten. I ended up wearing a rather fetching and what now seems appropriate, fantastic shirt that my Sister and Brother-In-Law got for me, which you can also see below... 

But what of the long lost T-Shirt I hear you ask?... well, it did eventually turn up, about two weeks after the gig... it didn't fit... but it was lost and then found... that is more important!

Well... it's that time again and this week the T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum is Beach Boy Themed, here goes: What was the name of the dog that Brian Wilson owned, that can be heard barking at the end of Pet Sounds?

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The Forever Delayed Pet Sounds T-Shirt!
The shirt worn on the night, Brian Wilson,
Royal Festival Hall, September 17th 2011