Friday, 3 May 2013

It's T-Shirt Friday 9 !

Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band!
Last weeks Floyd question was a bit tricky... did you get the answer right? Here goes, the answer to last weeks T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum is "One Minutes Too Long" or in Bulgarian "MNHYTa e MHOrO" (not sure if that is exactly right?) and it happens to be the oldest Bulgarian TV game too! Anyway hope your already celebrating? And if not why not? even if you got it wrong, it matters not, it's still Friday! Get out your tambourines, crack open a bottle of fine Bulgarian wine, maybe have a little Shopska Salata and top it all off with some Halva, Take a ride on the flyin' spoon, because here comes another T-Shirt Friday...

Today's T-Shirt was from an old friend 8-Ball. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available any more. Anyway here is their website :

Even if you don't think you know any of Creedence Clearwater Revival's songs... you probably do... for instance are you a Status Quo fan or know of them? 'Rockin' All Over The World' was a big hit for the Quo, but it wasn't written by them, although they have written and recorded many fine songs, it was actually written by John Fogerty (Technically not while he was in CCR but for all intents and purposes...) Are you a Tina Turner or Ike & Tina fan? 'Proud Mary' although was re-arranged by Soko Richardson in an amazing way and given perhaps a much more soulful edge by Tina and Ike, it was originally written again by John Fogerty. CCR's music nowadays has become synonymous with the Coen Brothers film 'The Big Lebowski' they are famously mentioned in the film and much of the soundtrack is made up of their music. Way before 'The Big Lebowski', the 1981 John Landis film ' An American Werewolf In London' uses CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising' to full effect in the transitional scene, when David finally becomes a werewolf. (Out of interest apparently Landis did try to get Warren Zevon's 'Werewolf's of London' as well, but failed to do so)
'American Werewolf In London' is one of those films, that like many others, we grew up watching and admiring. We would all go round to our great friend Paul's parents house on a Saturday night, cram ourselves into the front room, turn the lights off, have a few beers, in my case a bottle of Guinness in others a nice whiskey or the current alcopops of the time and watch the film. Often with a build up all night towards food, which would usually result in a late night break from the film, to order pizza, only to be told that the pizza place had run out of dough! - We would then continue, not quite with empty stomachs as Paul would always kindly rustle something up and we would continue on with the film, half falling asleep in the process... those were the days! 
My Dad, would often bring up ' American Werewolf In London' in film conversations that we would have and he always mentioned and still does 'Bad Moon Rising' I think it's very true to say that like most kids I was influenced by the music that my Mum and Dad like and still am in many ways. So just like 'American Werewolf In London' being a huge part of my growing up, so CCR's music was and is still. Both my great friends Paul, Dave and myself grew up on 'Fortunate Son', 'Down On The Corner', 'Run Through The Jungle' and 'Up Around The Bend' to name just a few of CCR's Classic songs. Who can forget their stunning version of 'Heard It Through The Grapevine' which I really feel out does the Marvin Gaye version on every level (Sorry, if you're a lover of the Marvin version, it's still great but CCR just give the track something else!) CCR were and still are a very special band, a band you can grow with and they will grow with you, they truly created bayou country music for the heart, spirit and soul!

Miss Russell often looks twice at the CCR shirt when I put it on... Not because it accentuates all of my rotund curves or that it's a t-shirt that brings out the swamp rock, love of catfish and the Mississippi in everyone that sees it. It's because she always sees elephants trunks in the logo. can you see them too? - they are there if you look close enough. It's actually very appropriate given the lyrics from CCR's 'Looking Out My Back Door' that adorn the top of this page. Many T-Shirts that I've owned have had to be retired from service due to them starting to fall apart, some after many years of excessive usage and some after only a very short time. (I had a Neil Young, Harvest T-Shirt that lasted just a year, but that is another story...)  The T-Shirt below is a bit like the Tee equivalent of an Elephant, a 'Tee-lephant' perhaps? It just keeps on going and is still very much enjoying it's old age. How old do you think it might be? can you guess? ...The shirt is actually over 12 years old! And yet there is hardly any sign of wear and tear I put it on regularly and it still looks like new! As if it were bought yesterday. To think that it's much, much older is mind blowing... Just like mythological elephants and the music that the band made, this CCR T-Shirt is also immortal!!!

Well it's that time again but before T-Shirt Friday folds and tucks itself back in the chest of drawers of endless apparel, here is the T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum!!!! CCR recorded a cover version of 'I Put A Spell On You' but who wrote and recorded it originally? That should get you thinking...

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