Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Journey Through The Past

A Book Cover Of Sobriety
Andy McIntyre used to be the A&R consultant where we both used to work. One day quite out of the blue he commissioned me to work on a cover for a book he was writing. He gave me a brief and a title for the book which was 'Last Orders: A Drinkers Guide To Sobriety'... What none of us realised at that point is what a brilliant book it was to be! Although really we should have done, Andy is a fantastic writer and the book is brimming over with comedy, honesty, poignancy and great stories, all this and it remains inspirational too! - Andy found while going sober that he could fill his social time with much more beneficial things than going to the pub. The book is a record of Andy's year of sobriety so he wanted the cover to be a kind of journey, below is what we came up with...

Do check out Amazon for the book, it is a superb read: 

Music Listened to while working on Last Orders: A Drinkers Guise To Sobriety by Andy McIntyre
CD's Including :
To be really honest it's to far back to remember! so roughly:
2112 by Rush
15 Minutes by Nik Kershaw
White Ladder by David Grey
Some, Marylin Manson album possibly... Antichrist Svperstar
and a bit of Bowie... actually a lot of Bowie!

Enter...The Web!

A First Foray Into Web Banner Design!
A very good friend and colleague James McAllister Creative Director of Karmablue Studios very kindly asked me if I would do some web design for him, James is a fantastic designer & illustrator, please take the time to check out his company website: It was a very enjoyable experience and a challenge at the same time - having worked in print for so long. Comedian Andrew Lawrence can often be found on Live At The Apollo (BBC1) and Stand Up For The Weekend (C4) the banners were for his tour, there were 6 created in all shapes and sizes and each needed 3 Turnovers, below is an example of one of them...

Music Listened to while working on Andrew Lawrence Banners
Many CD's Including :
The Second Law by Muse
Larks' Tongues In Aspic by King Crimson
His Band And The Street Choir by Van Morrison
All of them are big favourites!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Logos Before Posters

Walking Backwards To Go Forwards
Actually though before the posters were designed there was a much more important job to do... Farnham Family Walking Group needed a logo! The logo designs as well as the poster were designed in collaboration with Farnham Family Walking Group creator Amber Robertson and with illustrator Harriet Russell. A number of 'work in progress' logos were designed (which you can see below) Harriet provided some very lovely hand drawn 'f's and illustrations of trees which were very effective, see what you think...

Music Listened to while working on Farnham Family Walking Group Logo's
CD's Including :
Time Fades Away by Neil Young
One Of These Nights by The Eagles
Demon & Eleven Children by Blues Creation
Blue √∂yster Cult by Blue √∂yster Cult

Farnham Family Walking Group

Walking Into A Design
The thing about working somewhere for so long is that although you're doing the design work that you love, when it comes to putting a portfolio together a lot of what you have is in a similar context. Posters for Farnham Family Walking Group were the first thing that I was asked to do when I left my full time job. It was really a nice thing to do as it got me away from music design... for a bit at least!

Music Listened to while working on Farnham Family Walking Group Posters
Many CD's Including :
Captain Beyond by Captain Beyond
The Black Chord by Astra
The Very Best Of Mountain by Mountain
& American Cutie by Little Feat

Monday, 18 February 2013

Time for a blog


Goodness, well hello out there! After much thought it seems like it's probably about time to be doing a blog... so here we go, your now at the first post of this blog, welcome to the space! In the next couple of weeks I hope to be showing you some of the new work that I've been working on and perhaps the odd mention of an album or two along the way as well! Thank you for taking the time to have a look at the blog, Take Care and Rock on!

Music Listened to while trying to work out Blogger!!! :
Planet Rock Radio Online, Nights With Alice Cooper 
which Included
Doobie Brothers - Rocking Down The Highway
David Bowie - Panic In Detroit
John Mellencamp - R.o.c.k. In The USA