Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Journey Through The Past

A Book Cover Of Sobriety
Andy McIntyre used to be the A&R consultant where we both used to work. One day quite out of the blue he commissioned me to work on a cover for a book he was writing. He gave me a brief and a title for the book which was 'Last Orders: A Drinkers Guide To Sobriety'... What none of us realised at that point is what a brilliant book it was to be! Although really we should have done, Andy is a fantastic writer and the book is brimming over with comedy, honesty, poignancy and great stories, all this and it remains inspirational too! - Andy found while going sober that he could fill his social time with much more beneficial things than going to the pub. The book is a record of Andy's year of sobriety so he wanted the cover to be a kind of journey, below is what we came up with...

Do check out Amazon for the book, it is a superb read: 

Music Listened to while working on Last Orders: A Drinkers Guise To Sobriety by Andy McIntyre
CD's Including :
To be really honest it's to far back to remember! so roughly:
2112 by Rush
15 Minutes by Nik Kershaw
White Ladder by David Grey
Some, Marylin Manson album possibly... Antichrist Svperstar
and a bit of Bowie... actually a lot of Bowie!