Friday, 17 May 2013

It's T-Shirt Friday 11 !

The Camera Never Lies!
It's Friday! which can only mean... T-Shirt Friday is here again!!! How did you all do with last weeks tenth T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum? Did you all rush off and have a look at Harriet Russell's blog for the answer? Or were you at the 'Grafici Mobili Poster' exhibition? If you were there, then you may well have first hand information... the answer is: George Nelson, he was a very interesting designer:
If you did get George Nelson, then you may consider celebrating by putting on a pair of stripy socks and going to the office / work in them? Did you dig deeper though? Are you in possession of further information about George Nelson and the Ball Clock? If so you may well know that it is quite likely that Irving Harper was the real designer and George Nelson Associates, was the overall name used for retail. Well done for digging deeper, you may well be thinking about wearing a matching stripy top to go with your socks and taking the day off from work! If you didn't get it right or couldn't really be bothered to have a go, don't worry, why not try this weeks T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum instead? It's just a couple of paragraphs away, no subscriptions or catches and it's totally free to enter!

Today's T-Shirt is from:

Sometimes, try as you might, things just don't stay like new for long...

Padstow otherwise known as 'Padstein' in Cornwall has loads to offer... it has sun, sea and Rick Stein! And so by default a huge amount of fish as well! Rick Stein owns a great deal of property in the area and there are a good couple of his restaurants the flick of a fin away from each other! We were very lucky to spend a  wonderful week in Cornwall with our great friends Archi and Asi. One day within that week we found ourselves in 'Padstein' having pre-booked to go to one of the afore mentioned restaurants. Being a little early for our meal we wandered around the shops which all seem to have some kind of link to Rick Stein, there is even a patisserie which to my surprise wasn't selling Thai fish cakes but actual real cakes! It's a weird experience going there, it's like Rick Stein take over! Which is what made Fat Face stand out... well... like a fat thumb! As we were looking around in the shop Miss Russell spotted the below tee, which she really liked, after a bit more of a look round it was time for us to get to the restaurant. As we left Miss Russell presented me with a Fat Face carrier bag, she had very kindly bought me the Camera T-Shirt. Amazing! (Incidentally we did have a lovely meal in Rick Stein's restaurant, Miss Russell and myself managed to make a carrot last between us for ages, to the amazement of our friends (who were in despair at it all...) as we diced it into smaller and smaller pieces... 
Just the very next day, we were headed to St Ives on a train, thoughts of having Fish 'n' Chips for lunch already being spoken of. I'd decided to put on Miss Russell's lovely gift, the newly acquired camera t-shirt. We had a really nice morning walking around the very picturesque harbour and then... The fish and chip craving got the better of us all, we each tucked in to a slightly over sized cod and chips lunch, lovely stuff! - As customary I smothered mine in tomato ketchup, much to my own detriment... It was as if all time froze, as the blob of delicious tomato flavoured condiment that had been splodged on my biggest chip, narrowly missed my mouth and hurtled it's way down my front to explode over and then smother the one day old camera t-shirt with all of it's mealtime ketchup goodness! The t-shirt absorbed the liquid like ink to blotting paper, forming a new mini red sea on the t-shirts surface. The stain has never fully washed out of the shirt, it's ingrained in there like the great memories that we have of our time in Cornwall, our great friends and the sachet of tomato sauce that I firstly dowsed my fish 'n' chips and then dowsed myself in.

Around February 2011 'that' letter arrived and fell on the hall way mat. I'd been called for jury service. The days passed by rather quickly and suddenly it was the eve of going to court. I'd not done much washing that week and hadn't really considered what I should wear, eyes turned to the pile of t-shirts on the side, most of the washed ones were film or music based which seemed highly inappropriate to wear to court. Within the pile though was the now faded tomatoey stained camera tee. Relief! A t-shirt that might be jury service worthy. It was only later that evening that I started to think that the shirt might not be so appropriate because of it's nature, they might think that I might be spying or that the cameras might be suggestive of me photographing things that I shouldn't in the court house? Would they think that I could actually take pictures with the printed cameras? I convinced myself of the security breach that wearing the Camera T-Shirt might lead too. I told Miss Russell of my fears to which she laughed herself silly... I opted for a patterned shirt.

It's time for this weeks T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum! Which is: What is Fat Face's company motto?

The Stain Of Doom!
(In 'Padstow' otherwise known as 'Padstein' or in this case 'PadStain!')