Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Logo's That Time Forgot

Unused Logo Concepts For Johnson & Johnson

Sometimes you go back through your old archives of work and find the odd thing of interest... 

The below logo ideas, never got any further then that, just ideas, in fact I didn't work on the final project in the end. Sometimes for what ever reason the work you produce just isn't right for the over all concept and look of the company. My initial idea was to have the shape of the house... the house or home is fundamental to all of us in one way or another, it's what our very foundations are built on and that is what I hoped to impart within the logo. The circle ideas are based around a similar idea, although more abstract. 
I explored the home/foundation idea and also worked on typeface based logo concepts too... They are quite sketchy and could do with more development, just rough visuals really. Anyway thought they might be of interest... Incidentally Johnson & Johnson are an e-commerce home-ware company.

Music Listened to while working on Johnson & Johnson Logo Concepts:
Shinin' On by Grand Funk
Analogue Man by Joe Walsh
Red Octopus by Jefferson Starship
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll by Rainbow
Rize Of The Fenix by Tenacious D
Alice Cooper's Show on Planet Rock... Numerous times!