Monday, 24 June 2013

Stepping On A Business Card

Farnham Family Walking Group Cards
You may remember, although it was some time ago now... in fact, one of the very first posts on this very blog, show cased both designs I had done for Amber Robertson and her walking group, both logo's and posters were created. A little while ago Amber asked if I could put together some ideas for a business card, the idea being that anyone that is thinking of attending one of the walks could easily take away details about the Group and where to go to find out more information. The initial idea that Amber and myself discussed was to keep the card very similar in design to the original poster. The final choice was indeed that concept, meaning that design is kept very recognisable through colour, layout and typeface. 
While doing the project though I thought it would be interesting to explore some other avenues that the layouts could take, below are all of the different ideas...

If you are interested in doing family walks in Farnham, do get in touch with the group, it's very family orientated, great fun for children and toddler and buggy friendly too!

Farnham Family Walking Group:

Music Listened to while working on Farnham Family Walking Group artwork:
13 by Black Sabbath
Bula Quo by Status Quo
Like Clockwork by Queens Of The Stone Age
Keep Moving by Andrew Stockdale
Mirage Rock by Band Of Horses
ELO2 by Elo

Portrait Ideas
Landscape Ideas