Monday, 1 July 2013

Bare Feat In The Sauce!

An Idea For A Little Feat T-Shirt...
As you'll probably have realised by now, I'm a huge fan of the band Little Feat, I'm also a huge fan of T-Shirts in general, which you may have seen from the T-Shirt Friday posts... Recently I've been working on some self initiated T-Shirt design projects (There will be a post about those in the next couple of weeks) While working on them though, I thought it might be nice to put together an idea or two for some of my favourite bands, as a kind of tribute... Here is the first, the idea is based around the 'Waiting For Columbus' album and the tomato theme from that album. It was fun to do and really nice working just with Illustrator and drawing vectors... Do let me know what you think? If this tee and all the other designs are popular enough, I may consider printing and selling them, but lets see...

Music Listened to while working on self initiated T-Shirt for Little Feat:
Past Orbits Of Dust by Renaissance
Birds Of Fire by Mahavishnu Orchestra
Down On The Farm by Little Feat
The Sensual World by Kate Bush
Surprise by Paul Simon
Planet Rock round the clock!