Friday, 29 March 2013

It's T-Shirt (Good) Friday 4 !

A T-Shirt For It's Time And Place...... 
And this week we have a Coen Brothers Extravaganza! But before that it's time for the answer to last weeks T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum. It was quite a tricky one. But it was Schrödingers cat. If you knew it or guessed correctly make sure that you give yourself a treat with your cup of tea today. Perhaps a Hot Cross Bun?! If I may be so bold. Now... before reading the below. I strongly suggest putting some Creedence on. So get your tapes of Chronicle 1 & 2 out of your glove box, dust them off and press play!

Today's T-Shirt is from :

Way out west there was a T-shirt, T-shirt I want to tell you about, t-shirt by the name of The Big Lebowski. At least, that was the handle his lovin' makers gave him, but it never had much use for it it's self... I only mention it 'cause some- times there's a t-shirt-I won't say a a-pparel, 'cause what's a a-pparel?-but sometimes there's a t-shirt. And I'm talkin' about the t-shirt here-sometimes there's a t-shirt who, wal, it's the t-shirt for it's time'n place...

You can spend a lifetime searching for a really great t-shirt and then other times the t-shirt will find you... Which is pretty much how the Big Lebowski t-shirt came into my possession. The Big Lebowski is more then just a fantastic classic Coen Brothers film. It's a total cult! There is an annual get together every year to celebrate the film and the character of 'The Dude' transcends celluloid. There is in fact a Dudeist religion, you can join here:  If you can be bothered. It is perhaps more 'Dude' to not be bothered... anyway... It is one of the easiest religions you could follow, You just have to be very 'Dude'!
It's fair to say that it's a film that keeps on giving. Many people take quotes from it, mainly because it is such a quotable film and other people like my good colleague from Eagle Rock Entertainment, Creative Director, Nikkie Amouyal buy the t-shirts! As in the case of the below tee. But after She purchased it (...and this is where the real shock horror of the story is... ) It became an unwanted gift! An unwanted Big Lebowski t-shirt? I hear you say, surely not? But it is in fact true. A sad, sad day for The Dude. But this terrible drama did not continue for long, as Nikkie very kindly gave me the t-shirt and it has warmly nestled itself ever since around my slightly squidgy rotund upper half. A nice happy ending this week for t-shirt Friday. The End! ... Or is it... No! Grab yourself a white russian or a sarsparella and have a go at this weeks T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum! Which is : In the Scene where the Dude is looking through Maude's vinyl album collection what is the name of the German electronic band?