Friday, 22 March 2013

It's T-Shirt Friday 3 !

A Tale Of Two T-Shirts...
So here we are again... these Friday's come round quick don't they?! Did you know or guess last weeks 'Rock Snob T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum' ? It was a tricky one. The answer is that Lowell George was in the 'Mothers Of Invention' before he formed Little Feat. It's believed that Frank Zappa fired him because he wrote the song 'Willin'. Although there is a lot of mythology and hear say to Lowell George a bit like Orson Welles (see Jackson Browne) Lowell can be heard on 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh' and incidentally the famous cover for Weasels... was designed and illustrated by Neon Park who went on to illustrate and design nearly all of Little Feats covers from 'Salin' Shoes' through to 'Ain't Had Enough Fun'.
Anyway we have another T-Shirt to talk about now, although to say that we are talking about just one lonesome t-shirt would be quite incorrect. This story has a shadowy second t-shirt involved. It's a story of mystery, conspiracy, lost love, revenge, jealousy, deceit, anger, murder and t-shirt packaging. Hope you are ready for the murkier side of t-shirt Friday?

Bazinga! Actually this story has none of the above at all. Well... maybe a little, the t-shirt packaging and the conspiracy! Have you ever been in a similar fix at all? Here is a description of the situation so you can picture it. It's hurtling nearer and nearer to Christmas, although you're doing quite well with the Christmas shopping there is one person that your pen always ponders over on the list. You just keep re-writing a question mark next to them. This happened to us this Christmas just gone. Both Miss Russell and myself were really lost on what to get my sister. There just appeared to be nothing out there in the world of e-commerce websites that was offering itself as a viable present. But then in a flash of inspiration my sister's love of 'The Big Bang Theory' filled our heads. Sheldon's was the path we would follow, he was the Jedi that would show us the way forward to a T-shirt for my sister! And so it was and so it shall be that we got the below purple Bazinga! T-shirt from:

A couple of weeks passed by. We wrapped up the Bazinga t-shirt and prepared for Christmas and then as so often happens, there it was, Christmas day! Miss Russell leant over and gave me a present from my sister and brother-in-law. With a bit of a chuckle Miss Russell then said "Why don't you open that one" So without any more thought, I did. Only to discover that they had got me a...... Book... Bazinga! Actually what they had got me was a  Bazinga T-shirt too! It was as if we were telepathic or something.... The Red Bazinga t-shirt is the one that they got me. 

It all came out later on though that Miss Russell was a double agent spy and had conspired with my Sister and knew that we were both buying each other the t-shirt! On the other hand though it's still nice to think that there may on some level have been a kind of Jedi, sci-fi, sub-conscious, group telepathic, t-shirt, thing going on!

Well 3 t-shirts down and many more to come, but now as is customary to T-Shirt Friday here is the T-Shirt Friday Quiz Conundrum! - In The Big Bang Theory Episode 'The Tangerine Factor' whose cat does Sheldon use as an example to advise Penny about her date with Leonard? Wow! that is one for the fans!