Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Adventures In Designing For Online

A Tiger At The Vets!
PageTiger have a very interesting system in place, to help companies create there own online magazines and web pages. There website is really worth a good look as they offer so much: The way that PDF's can be used to make an online site is very unique. Interactive elements can be added in as well. Kate Burton, Director of editorial and creative services at PageTiger, briefed me to create and design a template for an online web site for a group of Veterinary practices. We needed to make sure the template was both flexible and versatile so that it could be altered at ease, depending on what each of the three practices requirements were. I came up with the idea of having very specific looking bold pages, that could be shunted around at will and re-built for each template, meaning that you could take more and more away, but still retain the overall original visual look. Film footage can also be brought into PageTigers PDF system - the empty box in the first template denotes were the footage will go. PageTiger and Kate Burton were fantastic to work with, they were there all the way through the project with help and advice. It was a very interesting and engaging experience, something quite different from anything I've done before. They say you should never work with animals but the below ones were very accommodating indeed!

Music Listened to while working on PageTiger Online Veterinary Project:
Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat
American Beauty by The Grateful Dead
Psychedelic Pill by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Man Chest Hair by Various, well worth checking this out:
One Of These Nights by The Eagles... I know... I Know... but there is that famous story
about Neil Young and the Eagle's supporting him on the Tonight's The Night Tour...

Template One - Westway Vets.

Template Two - Value Vets.

Template Three - Easy Vets.